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July 13th, 2009

God dammit!!!!

So on July 2nd, I sliced my hand open while slicing a bagel and had to get four stitches. I was supposed to get the stitches out today and well........that didn't happen. The doctor took one look at my hand and said "come back on Thursday." Dammit I must have really fucked up my hand real bad! To be honest it didn't look like it was completely healed. As long as this shit is healed up and the stitches be taken out by July 21st, I will cool as school. July 22nd, I'm going back to the States for my vacation, and yeah...enough said.

Also pissed of because due to me slicing my hand open...i can't exercise or do weights. My friends told me "just go on a run." Did that...got sweaty....dressing almost fell off...no good. Can't get that dressing wet which is what happened. I feel like a slob for not exercising since last Wednesday(I attempted to exercise from last Monday up until last Wednesday and two out of those three days yeah the dressing almost fell off). I feel like a fat shit for real. Sometimes I feel like I'm using this as an excuse not to exercise, but when I try to, what I mentioned previously happens!!!!!

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