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Monday Nicknames

So I have come up with a few nicknames for the kids in my Monday classes.

Class 2-12
Firstname: "I Love Spelling!" Lastname: "Don't Give Up." He earned this nickname today when he repeatedly said "I Love Spelling" during one of my games and successfully spelled 80% of the words he tried out. I increased the point values for each right answer and he earned his last name by saying "Don't Give Up."

Class 1-5
No nicknames yet

Class 2-13
Nickname: "Guy Who Went to the Philippines." I think this is self-explanatory. A group of kids went on a 3 week homestay with our sister school in the Philippines. Hopefully I will be able to go on this trip next semester. One day the kids had to do a presentation before the first class and he had the funniest pictures out of the trip.

Class 2-10
No nicknames yet

Class 2-5
Class 2-5 is the worse class I have out of the week, but there are 3-5 kids who are redeemable.
Nickname: "Tony" Tony became Tony because the former Native English Teacher deemed it so.

A nickname for a second boy is in the works. He always comes up with good questions and deserves a nickname for such a thing(which 95% of the students do not even come up with questions).

More nicknames are to follow and also nicknames will be added on a need to know base. Today was really good despite being the Official Worse Day Of The Week(biggest class load/baddest and/or loudest classes). I was laughing my ass off all day...especially at "I Love Spelling." Even the kids in class 2-5 cracked me up. I played UNO with them for the last 5 minutes and he-who-needs-a-nickname refused to Draw 4 when Tony put down the card. Tony...a vicious player he is.

The last foreign teacher had a student who gave herself the nickname of "Britney Spears." I've met Britney Spears before too, but I don't remember which class she is in.

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