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One annoying thing about Korea

While overall I am enjoying my stay in Korea...I have had a high occurrence of BS that has happened these two weeks. Let's just say I am sick of being treated like some type of pet or animal in this country just because of my magical ability to speak English and my foreignness. This ability can be exciting to some and scary to others. I can take things like what happened at the farewell lunch for the transferring teachers on Thursday. Two teachers told me to sit next to them and two other teachers got kind of anxious and said in Korean "Oh no! I don't know English!" The teacher who told me to sit by them along with the teacher next to her were quick to snap at them to say "Hey don't say that, she's learning Korean blah blah blah." Okay I can take that type of treatment as annoying as it can be. I've had people at stores argue who was going to help me because neither of them wanted too. Funny enough, they did not realize that I understood what they were doing. It's funny how people are not aware of their own actions. Same with people on the subway who will fight with their friends because their friends will tell them to sit down at the empty seat next to me but that particular person throws a fucking hissy fit and acts all cute and stupid(it's always the girls). But I digress.

But this is one type of behavior I cannot take. Being constantly harassed and stalked. Last week, on the way to the subway station, I ran into this guy who was slap happy that he found a native speaker of English. He taught at a cram school for elementary school kids. He was like "what's your number?" and I didn't want to give him my number so I said e-mail will do. But he said "why not your number?" He kept on harassing me(of course he's too stupid to realize this) and I finally gave him my number. AND he checked to see if it was right! Then he asked me where I live which I told him I lived next to some obscure place and he didn't know. Then he said "our class does instruction partially through teleconference with some speaker from the Philippines. Sometimes I don't understand what she says, so I will call you when that happens!!" Then he said that he would "pay for my dinner sometimes" and this and that. On top of that he whispered to me "I like black people. I have many black friends." I was thinking GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!! And then he tried to set me up with some friend of his who just happened to be black...he wanted me to have his number and I was like "no." First of all, did I say I was okay with him doing all that stuff? NO. But he didn't even think of that because of course I'm some type of English speaking pet! A rare species in the city of Siheung. So that was incident #1. Incident #2 regarded me and a friend being stalked by some guy who claimed he was from California but didn't sound like it at all. And he kept on changing the city he was from.

This behavior makes me sick.I hate hate hate this behavior for well it's no point in retelling the story, but my homestay family in Japan was like this too and living with them sucked. I know I am a native speaker of English/not Korean but for heavens sake, I am not an animal or some pet that needs to be taken care of. I understand that there's not a lot of foreigners in this area, but that does not merit this type of behavior. I might not be a Korean, but I am a human being too. Not all Koreans are like this, but the few who are just happen to be annoying the hell out of me recently!!!!!!!!!!! I try to be nice, but I might just have to turn on my "bitch switch" the next time it happens.

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