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Truly Outrageous!!!!

I tried posting this before...I was double plus sad that it didn't work the first time.

Cool people like Jem. That is all.


Outrageous!!! Jem's my hero lol.


I love Jem. LOVE, dammit. In an alternative universe, I was Shana from Jem and the Holograms. Ignore the video...listen to the song. Freezepop made their own version of the Jem intro song.

On Tuesday, I was able to go back to Fort Worth for the first time in 4.5 years. A lot has changed, but a lot has stayed the same. I can conclude that Fort Worth got BETTER after I left. It really did bring back a lot of memories and I was happy that I had the chance to go back, even if it was for one day only. I really really really wished that Montgomery Plaza existed when I lived in downtown Fort Worth. It would have saved me a long trip to the store! I'm also impressed by the Trinity Railway Express, which is a light rail line which connects Dallas to Fort Worth. That was in operation for about two years by the time I left, but I never used it. Trinity Railway Express seems to be really good...I did NOT know that it made pit stops on the way to Dallas...I just thought that it was a non-stop trip! If I lived in DFW, I would ride the HELL out of that to the airport and would go to Dallas a lot more often.

I think Fort Worth is heading towards the right direction. Promoting the development of mixed use spaces is definitely the way to go. I think that if they try to revamp the image of their bus line and make it a means of transportation that is worth using by EVERYONE...that would be icing on the cake. I don't know if they have done this or not, but I noticed the logo is the same. Usually cities that are interested in changing the image of municipal public transportation creates a new logo along with implementing more bus lines and promoting commuter passes. The one thing I am curious about is the state of their public housing. The last time I was there, Radioshack Corp bought out the projects across the street from the old corporate HQ. This resulted in a lot of section A housing all over the city, even in the rich areas. I know a lot of hoopla happened because of that.

It was only one day I was there, but those are my observations.


New Journal

I've created a new journal talking about getting over to Korea and my experience there. I'll still be posting on this journal though. Some of my friends(as in church members in Ohio, professors, etc) and family been asking me to make a blog in order to see what's going on with me so I decided to just make a new one. Sure in the hell don't want them to read my ramblings on this journal LOL. Not that I ramble as half as much as I used to back in the day. Well that's actually proving to be a good thing for my ramblings on this journal has gotten me in trouble more than once. I've noticed that the less I rambled on this journal, the less trouble I got into. I like that positive correlation LOL.

Anyway, here it is: http://gepiker.wordpress.com/

This goes beyond hair.

I was just checking the usual black-expatriates-who-live-in-korea-blogs I read, and I come across reading this mess. Nothing new, but everytime I read this type of stuff, it annoys me:

"it coincidence that every sista i know here keeps natural hair? i know of a few who braid, a couple who occasionally flat iron, but no one i know does perms. i dont think any of them ever would. im glad for it. this is how we can make changes in our culture: each of us one by one can make the choice. i would never call a sista out who does have straightened hair, although i do secretly question them in the back of my mind if they are rbg(red black green), if they love themselves."

Alllllrighty people...hold on to your seats.Collapse )


Well, after working with a recruiter for three months, I finally got a job teaching English in South Korea. Woot. I'll be teaching at a high school in Anyang which is a suburb of Seoul more or less. Kind of excited and scared at the same time but it should be fine. The staff seem to be really nice and the foreign teacher who is there now has been working there for two years, which is a good sign. I will be replacing him. The school is pretty new(only six years old) and the English classroom is state of the art. Has a computer hooked up to the net and a smart board in the classroom. That is pretty fucking high tech by East Asian standards. I've been to elementary school/middle school/high school classrooms in Japan and they are quite bleak looking. The high school set up in Korea is more or less the same from what I've heard. And if it all turns out to be hell in a hand basket, I will be back in the states once my contract is up in August. Simple as that.

I have a few goals which are:

1. Learn SOME Korean and USE it. Right now I know the script and I can say some basic phrases.
2. Get comfortable in a teaching environment for that is what I will probably end up doing anyway ultimately. Not teaching in high school, but on the university level.
3. Travel travel travel travel.
4. Save a nice chunk of change while repaying those student debts!
5. And finally of course, learn more about South Korean culture.

If all goes well, my plan is to be there at most two years. Yup. Then back to the States. No ifs, ands, or buts. I told my mom to nag the hell out of me if I even CONSIDER doing a third year.

Summer Plan

After 14 hours on the road, I am back in the Natural State. The drive wasn't as tortuous as I thought. No more No-hio and no more school for a while. I'm going to take some down time this summer...which is another first in a while. Until I find a job in South Korea, I will:

#1: Focus on tuning up the diet and exercise.
#2: Read some geographic texts.
#3: Go to Fayetteville.
#4: Study some Korean.
#5: Get all my paperwork together so I can get a visa to S. Korea once I get a job.
#6 Try to work on getting some thesis stuff published.

I'm not worried about finding a job given the millions of job postings for English teachers that I see on various sites. The thing is finding a decent job. I have an interview with a high school sometime soon.



Two days.
26 pages.
One more chapter and I'm finished with a rough draft of my thesis.
I would celebrate, but I don't know how to celebrate.

Now I just need to hear some good news from the Fulbright. The anticipation is KILLING me.

You'll get a kick out of this.

I am on my FOURTH i-pod now. But luckily I had to put virtually no money down thanks to the Best Buy Product Replacement Plan that I purchased when I got the third one. Only had to pay 12 bucks for a new plan for the fourth one. So now I'm an owner of one of those new I-Pod nanos.

To go down memory lane:
1. I-pod nano second generation: May 2007 - Sept 2007. Cause of demise: Not shutting off and constantly saying that "Firewire is not supported"

2. I-pod nano first generation: December 2006-May 2007. Cause of demise: Ditto.

3. I-pod mini: December 2004-October 2005. Status: Stolen from the owner.

Since this nano is new, there's no cases for it yet. Thus I cannot take it to the gym with me. *sighs* Damn brittdreams is right. I must release some vibe which magically fuck up electronics.